Saturday, February 20, 2016

Moose Photography

Moose Whisperer

My Family likes to call me the moose whisper. In the summer and fall we (my husband and I) go out often looking for moose to take pictures of and usually find some wherever we go. Because I see them so often, they I attract them. I have lived in Utah my entire life and never knew we had so many moose here. 

I saw my first bull moose about 20 years ago on a trip to Yellowstone. It was in the early summer so the bull moose we saw was still growing his antlers and they were still covered in velvet. He was the most beautiful animal I have ever seen. Back then I had a little 110 film camera. I was so excited when I finally got my film developed to see the moose pictures only to be disappointed. In the picture you can see the shadow of the moose in the trees but that was about it. From that day on my dream was to see another bull moose. 

About 5 years ago, Mark and I started hearing about people seeing moose in Utah, so we started searching. I now have a DSLR camera and can see the pictures right away. I am in love with moose, I love watching them.

bull moose

A few weeks ago we took a trip to Jackson, Wyoming and found several moose. This was one of the few bulls that still had his antlers. It was very snowy the whole time we were there, but that didn't keep us from watching the moose. We watched this particular bull for a couple of days. On this morning we had been watching him for a while when he walked about 4-5 feet from my window. Such an amazing experience.

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